Providing formal education, heath care, HIV/AIDS education, vocational training and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to desperately poor, neglected and forgotten orphans and widows.
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Cyorf Foundation for Community Development is an indigenous not-for profit organization with the prime focus of providing formal education, health care, HIV/AIDS education, vocational training, and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to desperately poor, neglected and forgotten AIDS orphans and widows.

The organization was founded in 2000 and in 2002,it received recognition and registration by the government of the republic of Uganda as a non-governmental organization.

We are situated in Jinja district, which lies 80kms East of Kampala city, Uganda's capital.

Uganda as a developing country is among other problems, afflicted by Civil wars, hunger, economic stagnation, extreme poverty, low literacy levels, and the AIDS pandemic that continues its deadly foray into every village. This calls for innovative actions that are designed and implemented to bring about change.
Cyorf is actively pursing this at the grass roots.

As development partners, non-governmental organizations are proving to be more effective at grassroots where government hands cannot reach. Cyorf is one of the few grassroots organization based in the Eastern Uganda offering HIV/AIDS services to the rural communities as well as helping to facilitate their social, spiritual, Educational and economical well being.

We derive our support from the valuable services of volunteers, Christian and non-Christian resources and our dear partners in-country and abroad who offer financial, moral, educational and material support to facilitate our activities.


Cyorf Foundation For Community Development
Plot No.12 Kimaka Road, Jinja, Uganda.
Postal Address: P.O.BOX 1796, Jinja, Uganda.
Phone: +256-434-123360




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